Saturday, August 4, 2018

Celtic Banner.......(470)

Greetings all !!! Hope you are high and dry where you are; I have been getting a lot of stitching done with all the rain we've been having. In between storms I managed to drive to Williamsburg and meet up with Patti Nicolosi, framer extraordinaire, and retrieve my Celtic Banner by Butternut Road. She did a wonderful job on a piece that must have been quite a challenge!! The stitching itself is 47 inches tall and she got it stretched, laced, framed.... and the border perfect!!! It is now hanging proudly in our living room opposite And They Sinned.  This was my first experience using Patti, and will definitely again--thanks Patti!!!

I hopped right on Week 3 of the Black Sampler Band SAL when it came last Friday (week 4 came today). I wasn't feeling totally sure about my color selection, but when I added the burnt orange, all was well. The photo is a little light, but the fabric is natural/raw linen banding.

I have also been working on Summer Schoolhouse #3 and am close to finishing that.

On to a frustrating note......I had been geared up to work on the finishing on Dream of the Sea,  but could NOT find my finishing instructions. I tore my craft room apart--twice and couldn't put my fingers on it. I finally gave know the old quote-- "Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results"...... and contacted Cathy from Hands on Design and she was kind enough to send them to me. Sadly the next few weeks are busy for me, and it will have to sit on the sideline. If any of you are interested in that design, I just read where Cathy is releasing it to shops next week (it had been a shop exclusive originally).

I hope you enjoy your weekend! We head to Baltimore tomorrow morning to meet up with our travel buddies and start to plan a trip to Yellowstone for next year. We're then bringing my parents back with us for a visit, followed by my younger daughter coming to visit the following week. The summer is winding down and I am more than ready for fall.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!




  1. Stasi, Celtic Banner is stunning -- your stitching and Patti's framing! Your 'black' sampler SAL stitch is looking good as is the Schoolhouse piece. Have safe travels tomorrow!

  2. What a great job your framer Patti did! Celtic Banner looks fantastic. It is so nice of Cathy to come to the rescue with the finishing instructions. I am still waiting for my order to come all the way from USA and land in my letterbox :) I can't wait to get started.

  3. wOw! Love Celtic Banner! Your sampler SAL is looking great!

  4. Very nice work, i love your banner.
    Greetings Martina

  5. Great projects.
    Celtic Banner is beautiful.

  6. Celtic Banner is stunning!! It must not have been easy to frame such a long piece and you must have been thrilled with how the framing compliments your beautiful stitching. I can't wait to get started on the ABC series, I'm so impressed at all you get done. I can't wait for fall, the heat and rain have made for an unpleasant summer but I'm thankful we are getting rain as opposed to the drought and fires that are elsewhere. How exciting to start planning for Yellowstone!! Be sure to include a drive on the Beartooth Highway!!

  7. How gorgeous Celtic Banner is in its lovely frame! Bet it looks fabulous on the wall.

    Of course your band sampler and the Schoolhouse piece look great and serious progress on both. Hope the Baltimore trip is easy on you and that you get lots of the details for next year's big trip ironed out.

  8. Your framer did a beautiful job on your beautiful work. It seems like you stitched that piece up in no time. Easy for me to say. Your band sampler and schoolhouse piece look great too. Safe travels to and from Baltimore.

  9. Stasi, Celtic Banner is exceptional...the stitching and the finishing. It's a treasure. Mary and I will be starting the lessons as our third SAL and I look forward to them. So happy you were helped out with the directions. I want to hear more about your plans for Yellowstone (one of my most favorite places to go). I've been about six times now and we have always stayed in the park. If you have any questions please let me know. RJ

  10. Wow! That Celtic Banner is one gorgeous piece, Stasi! I'm so glad you were pleased with Patti's framing. Do you happen to know if she does mail-order framing? I have SO many things just sitting around waiting to be framed.

    You are so on top of the game planning ahead for you Yellowstone trip! Good for you!! I've always wanted to travel there, too--hopefully when my husband retires we can do a "grand tour" out west!

  11. Great stitching, Stasi. I love Celtic Banner a lot and its frame is just perfect for it. Why not framing a banner instead of making a banner finish. I also love your other projects.