Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I Made it........

I managed to get the pre-stitching for class completed. Yippee!!! I do like to be prepared and am usually not this close "to the wire". But life is imposing and other commitments have taken priority. I'm really in need of my trip this weekend; the beach is always relaxing and rejuvenating!!! And the classes are inspiring and motivating!

Here is the pincushion for An Afternoon Leisure Basket. I also got the scissor sheath stitched but forgot to get a picture.
If I get the pieces finished this weekend, I'll post pics. If I don't get them done, it may be a bit until I get a "finishing" day scheduled. We're getting ready to put our house on the market and there is a ton to do to get it photo ready. Luckily, there aren't any major projects to be done, just spiffing up, decluttering and staging. We started the task over the last few days with the recommendation, from the realtor, that we de-personalize everything. So, lots of my stitching came off the walls and was packed away until the move, along with family photos and decorative items. It's looking kind of naked, but I guess that's the point--more open and neutral so potential buyers can "imagine" their self in the house. Fingers crossed it's appealing and sells for a good price. Our housing market has still not recovered from the bubble bursting, but luckily we have a little time on our side!

So I'm off to Salty Yarns Thursday for a long weekend with friends, old and new, with whom I share a passion. There will be lots to see, lots to share and lots to learn..... and Thursday can't get here soon enough!!! Get ready Sally, Sara and I come!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and your 'twisted threads" of friendship!