Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Most Delicous Easter Egg in the World........ one made from my Gram's secret family recipe. I'm a little late making them this year and held myself to only one batch (approx. 24 eggs). I haven't made them for a few years as I have NO self control where they are concerned (in fact I am already down to 22 eggs.....oops..make that 21...I just ate my prop from the photo!!!), but have been known to make 4-6 batches to give as gifts to friends and family.   I have loved these so much that I used to trade all the other candy in my Easter basket for my siblings home made eggs!!!

I have started the pre-stitch for An Afternoon Leisure Basket and got one of the "books" stitched. It is over one except for the initials that are over two. Sweet isn't it?

I've also been busy going through things around the house and deciding what goes and what doesn't. I dropped off a huge bag of old towels to the local Humane Society. I've got boxes of books to donate and am gearing up for a yard sale at the end of the month.  Little by little................

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. That is a really sweet stitch. And that egg!! Secret, as in you cannot share the recipe?

  2. How secret is the secret recipe? Those eggs sound irresistible.
    Love the Afternoon Leisure piece....

    1. Sorry, I was sworn to secrecy! :)

  3. Your Afternoon Leisure piece looks great! How are parts will you need to do? Your egg looks mighty yummy! Do they freeze well?

  4. So mean to post the eggs without the recipe! They look very yummy.

  5. Oh those eggs! I am sure they would be a favorite of mine too. Now a question, (not for the recipe-no willpower. I'd eat them all). Your prestitch, the initials are backwards, is this the back? If it is, you shame us all with how neat the back is. Also, if you explained that in an earlier post......I beg pardon, I am trying to catch up with your earlier posts and thought I when back far enough. More comments to come as I make it my mission to read all your recent posts.