Friday, June 21, 2013

One Down.................

...and three to go! I have the "spring" panel of the Tall Year Square stitched. Now on to summer--quite appropriate since it officially just began. I do hope, however, I have autumn and winter completed before they actually get here!  

And here is the pincushion for the Tall Year Square--that was our pre-stitch piece and I managed to get it together during the class. It has four sides, one for each season and will rest nicely in the bottom of the box when completed.


Here is the pre-stitch for my other class with Betsy Morgan, Gathering for Winter

Isn't this an adorable pincushion....and it's made out of an empty perle cotton spool!!! I just love the autumn colors!

Finally, I wanted to share two recent gifts I made for some special people in my life. This first was a CA Wells kit I managed to snag on E-bay. It says "Stitching by the Sea" and I thought it quite appropriate (tongue in cheek) for Sally down at Salty Yarns for her birthday. 

Next up is a gift for my friend from Luxembourg, Paola. I was able to see Paola at the Betsy Morgan classes and spend a lovely weekend with her.  It's the American Hornbook by Dames of the Needle. I thought it would remind her of her "friends" across the pond.

Well that's all she wrote folks! Thanks for stopping by and your" twisted threads" of friendship!


  1. Love that cute little pincushion!

  2. How lovely things you have stitched!
    Love them all, and I wish you much joy, stitching the other panels of the Tall Year. The little motifs are so cute and I am so amazed that Betsy can dream up all these beautiful designs.
    The little pincushion for the Gathering for Winter is the cutest ever!
    The gifts you have stitched for your friends are fantastic, I am sure they will love and treasure them always.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely stitching!
    Many hugs and take care,

  3. Hello

    Just found your lovely blog.
    Your stitching is absolutely beautiful!

    Have a good week (:

    1. Thanks Meggie--appreciate you stopping by for a look-see!