Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hare Pyns update

Greetings fellow stitchers from a "spring-like" West Virginia. Yesterday in the 50'2, today supposedly in the 60's--where the heck is Winter and no wonder everyone is getting sick!!! The plus side is my sweet hubby was able to get in a 3 hour ride on his motorcycle yesterday and that made him very happy!!! Me I stitched while he was gone!

I've been working on the back of the "pocket" for Hare Pyns. it involves 33 full rows of the Florentine stitch, then filling in at the top and bottom so you have even rows across. I am on row 20 and have been working on just this all week. I do have to say, I have been taking my time and "railroading" each stitch so they lay as flat as possible and side by side. Here's a "gander" at my progress:
Only 13 more to go, then filling in!

One of my "resolutions" for 2013 is to not buy "too much" in the area of new stitching projects. Note: I said "too much" which is very vague and really has no set limits. In fact, it's already broken!!! I saw the overstock sale at Wasatch and had to buy a few things. Who can resist an additional 50% off the already reduced price? Not me!!! So, here is what I got and I am proud it was only 3 charts:
L to R: House of Blues and Browns by With Thy Needle and Thread,  Blue House Needle Primer from With My Needle and Set Tirolese from Mani di Donna

All should be fairly quick stitches and can hopefully be "squeezed" in between all my required class pre-stitching. I just signed up for Betsy Morgans two classes at Salty Yarns in June, Gathering for Winter (which should be a fun class in June) and Tall Year Square. So that, on top of the two Sherri Jones classes, will be keeping me VERY busy!!! But, as I've said's what I love to do!

No football today since the Ravens won yesterday---GO RAVENS!!! But hubby has a Board meeting so I'll be climbing into the "nest" in a bit to work on my Florentine. Then Downton tonight! 

I wanted to add a photo of my grand kids from Christmas. My Dad had won a go cart at Bingo back in November and they saved it to give to Asher for Christmas. Here are Cora and Asher enjoying--even Cora at two can drive it, so I'm sure they're up for many hours of fun!
Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!

P.S. Not sure about those 60 degrees I mentioned earlier; the sun has not come out and it's grey and overcast! 


  1. Stasi -

    Looking good on the Hare Pyns! Glad Rich got out for a ride. It's been too wet here for Jack to get out. Not to mention the fog. A good day to spend lots of time in the happy chair.

  2. Hi dear Stacy:)

    Beautiful stitching on Hare Pyns! That is a lovely design and I love the colours very much. And the railroading is well worth the extra time and is almost abit "zen" when getting used to.

    Adorable photo of your grandchildren:)

    Looking forward also to hear more about your upcoming classes in June with Betsy.

    I have the cold with fever, so I am making me a cup of tea now.

    Many many hugs and take care and hope you will have a lovely weekend:)
    Anette & Skruttan the cat