Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Birth Sampler for Cora

I don't stitch many pieces any more that have to be framed....for various reasons. One, I am so into  smalls that they are all I really want to work on. Second, I have trust issues with new framers. I was so spoiled having such a fabulous framer in Cincinnati, Bowmans Framing, that I am apprehensive about trying someone local, even after 7 years. I have sent pieces to Ken (Bowman) to have framed but have also embarked on the adventure of framing myself. I do not enjoy the "pinning" part, as I like them to come out straight, but I try to follow the method Ken uses and that Ruth showed me in a self framing class she taught at Twisted Threads.

Here is a picture of the fruits of my labor:

This is the birth sampler I stitched for Cora and it's been sitting around for quite some time while I worked up the gumption to stretch it. I woke up this morning with a "bee in my bonnet" and decided today was THE day!!! I used an Eastside Mouldings frame in eggplant and added the purple flower buttons on the corners. Of course after I posted this I noticed a little "ziggle" on the  upper right side. Luckily, I haven't put it all together yet and can re-pin that section. I'm really happy with how it turned out and have boosted my confidence a bit more as to framing pieces on my own.

Now to get out, take a walk and enjoy this glorious day!!!


  1. Stasi -

    Beautiful. I like the frame and your added embellishments.


  2. What a lovely piece! I miss Bowman's framing too! I always enjoyed picking out my frames and then having you send them off. They do a great job. I was lucky to find the gal at Joanns -she use to own her own framing shop over in Western Hills years ago. There is certainly a skill needed to frame stitching properly -and it is a lot of work!! And I'm too lazy to do it myself - LOL!